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First, I understand the controversy around firearms. Creating this content was what I was hired to do, and is presented here to represent my abilities as a writer, producer and director. This video is not intended to make a political statement, the clients this company served included military and law enforcement, and this video (as part of a series) was intended to serve a variety of legal uses.

This segment is one of the 52 segments from the Brownells How To Build an AR-15 series. It was released in 2009 and quickly established it's self as strong seller. This segment illustrates process for assembling the telescoping buttstock.

I wrote and designed the series to provide the novice and experienced builder with a self-paced, easy to understand, easy to navigate, set of instructions.

The video was broken down into three major areas:

1. Establish a base of knowledge and terminology: so all learners had a common understanding of the laws regarding building your own rifle, the variations of the AR platform, and the proper name of the parts and assemblies.

2. Expand the base of knowledge and understanding: so the leaner knows how the parts and assemblies work and interact within the rifle. Create awareness about the dimensional differences and fit issues from variations of the platform and manufactures so the proper parts could be ordered (this included a PDF check list of all the parts). What the builder needed to have for tools to speed up the assembly.

3. Demonstrate in detail the assembling of the AR-15 based on the major areas (barrel, upper receiver, lower receiver, etc.) and sub-assemblies for each variation. Tips to aid in assembly. Function checks along the way to ensure the sub-assemblies were put together properly before moving on. A final function check of the completed rifle.

The DVD menus as well as the webpage were laid out so that learner could easily navigate to the specific set of video instructions and bypass any information they didn't need. A set of PDF instructions were also created to back up the video presentation.


Matt Sheko: writer, director, producer