An interview from the 2018 NAB Show in New York with Eric Bassier of Quantum. Quantum is a leading expert in scale-out tiered storage, archive and data protection. The company's StorNext platform powers modern high-performance workflows, enabling seamless, real-time collaboration and keeping content readily accessible for future use and re-monetization. In this interview Eric talks with us about significant enhancements to the Xcellis scale-out storage appliance portfolio with StorNext 6.2 & NVMe technology.

Quantum's Xcellis scale-out appliances have long been trusted to deliver high performance to increasingly demanding applications and higher resolution content. The introduction of NVMe storage to the Xcellis appliances offers ultra-fast performance: 22 GB/s single-client, uncached streaming bandwidth. Leveraging Excelero's NVMesh® technology in combination with StorNext, all data is accessible by multiple clients in a global namespace, making it easy to access and cost-effectively share flash-based resources.

As more organizations depend on broad collaboration among their staff to meet project deadlines and workflows extend from on-premise into the cloud, being able to effectively manage and access data across complex, hybrid environments has become a requirement for modern file systems. Now with the ability to provide cross protocol locking for shared access across SAN, NFS, and SMB, Xcellis is an optimal solution for organizations that need to share content across both Fibre Channel and Ethernet.

With StorNext 6.2 Quantum now offers an S3 interface to Xcellis appliances, enabling them to serve as targets for applications designed to write to RESTful interfaces. Organizations gain greater flexibility to use Xcellis as either a gateway to the cloud or as an S3 target for web-based applications. StorNext 6.2 also greatly strengthens performance for 4K and 8K video while enhancing integration with cloud-based workflows and global collaborative environments. NVMe storage significantly accelerates ingest and other aspects of media workflows.

With storage environments becoming increasingly complex, users need more powerful tools to proactively manage their storage resources. Xcellis environments can now be managed with a new cloud monitoring tool that enables Quantum's support team to monitor critical customer environmental factors, speed time to resolution, and ultimately increase uptime. When combined with Xcellis Web Services – a suite of services that enables users to set policies, adjust system configuration, and more – overall system management is simplified and streamlined.

Available with StorNext 6.2, enhanced FlexSync® replication capabilities enable users to create local or remote replicas of multi-tier file system content and metadata. With the ability to protect data for both high-performance systems as well as massive archives, users now have more flexibility to protect a single directory or an entire file system.

For more information please visit: www.Quantum.com