Wardrobe Stylist For Commercials - Atlanta -
Ray C'Mone was the stylist for Palmer's Natural Fusions Campaign
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Palmer's ran a commercial for the release of their new Natural Fusions product line. Palmer's contracted Ray C'Mone, Wardrobe Stylist in Atlanta, GA to style the natural hair social media influencers in this campaign.

During this commercial campaign the wardrobe stylist, Ray C'Mone, made sure the talent was styled according to the client's art direction to achieve concept of advertisement.

The wardrobe stylist's, Ray C'Mone, process included shopping prep, wardrobe prep ( i.e. steaming and ensuring talent fit), and making modifications on set during takes.

Once the shoot wraps a stylist's work is not done. Stylist has to complete returns for all unworn wardrobe purchased from the shoot. Each wardrobe item and accessory must be accounted for.

If you are looking for a wardrobe stylist for commercial campaigns Ray C'Mone is a top choice.
www.raycmone.com | info@raycmone.com | IG @raycmone
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Styled by Ray C'Mone