I do not carry a DP Reel as I feel it could be a little bit like cheating. I do believe that each shot inside a scene is equally important, every frame counts. It could be misleading to show only a good shot, but what if the other shots were done in a rush because of over doing one of them?

Consistency is the cornerstone of film cinematography. So I rather show a piece as a whole so that you can see the attention that was placed in the creation of each frame.

If interested in my work email me at anytime and I'll be happy to share more of my work. Short films, videoclips, ads and more.

For this video I did cinematography, camera op, and color grading.


Director - Andre Robert
Producer - Esteban Zabala
DP - Roberto Murillo
Gaffer - Juan Carlos Herrero
CamB - Gabriel Serra
Grips - Rafael Castro & Carolina Mora

Technical Info

Shot on Arri Amira + Ultra Prime Zeiss Lenses
Lights; Skypanel, Arrimax, Joker HMI's