Compilation of Video Clips from Commercials, Corporate Videos, PSA's, Live Sports, Entertainment, Reality TV, News,
etc that I have shot over the years


Camera Operator, Director of Photography, ENG on all shot except the Orchestra conductor that was shot by Kenny Tyus. That shot was included because I was the producer of the "Peppermint Pops" and the one who decided to dress a camera operator in a tuxedo and include him in the orchestra ensemble.

Technical Info

Wide variety of cameras used: Ikegami HL-77, HL-79, (both used with a Heavy U-Matic 3/4" portable record deck),
Sony BVP-7 with BVV5 Beta Deck, BVW-300, BVW-400, BVWd-600, Panasonic DVX-900, Panasonic HPX-2700, HPX-170,
Canon HS-11, Canon XL-1, Canon C-300, GoPro Hero 3 and 4 Black, Sony FS-7 and Sony A7S2.