Uploaded on 8/30/2010
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Do you have a video? Have you seen something incredibly cool online? Do you want your masterpiece to get the recognition it deserves?

Submit your videos to www.critics-series.com by September 10th with a chance to appear in the new upcoming third season of Zacuto's [critics].

Clips in Order of Appearance:

the earth in the air [a short film] by jared hogan vimeo.com
Hustler And The Blind Man by Daniel Skubal www.youtube.com
Notte Sento by Daniele Napolitano vimeo.com
A Short Love Story in Stop Motion by Carlos Lascano vimeo.com
Bye, Girl by Little Red Ants vimeo.com
Sir Winston the first- Canon 7D, Glidecam 2000 by Paul Jacob vimeo.com
Buckstyle: No Man Is An Island by Dingo Bill Productions vimeo.com
Cinematography Demo Reel: Jan '06-May '07 by Karen Abad vimeo.com
Momentos by Nuno Rocha vimeo.com
THE LAST EGGTION HERO by ulteriorproductions.com vimeo.com\1893986
Man In The Van by Sean Dunne vimeo.com
HOLDING HANDS by Isian Flores vimeo.com
16 Moments by Will Hoffman www.youtube.com
Hope by Roman Jirnih vimeo.com
M.I.A, Born Free by Romain Gavras vimeo.com
lingerie spot by Michael McCabe vimeo.com
Waking. by Tristan Pope vimeo.com
Sunday Morning by Michael McCabe vimeo.com
Dreamer's Rendezvous [From Daniel Skubal's Demo Reel] by Matt Mann vimeo.com
Horror by Rand Courtney vimeo.com
Scott Lynch- Unfinished Thought - Death Wish Revival vimeo.com
Le Sens Propre by Cisma www.vimeo.com
Slow Down by Scott Foley vimeo.com


Daniel Skubal, Scott Lynch, Jens Bogehegn, Steve Weiss, Susan Rapp