An interview from the 2019 National Association of Broadcasters Convention in Las Vegas with Toby Sali of BB&S Lighting. BB&S LIGHTING is an 20 Year old leading international manufacturer and developer of high-end LED lighting; based in Copenhagen., Denmark. Products include Remote Phosphor Technology and LED Light Engines for television, theatre and movie production lighting.

In this interview Toby announces the new Area 48 Color, which provides unparalleled color accurate illumination in both white light and RGB. With a similarly small footprint as the company’s workhorse Area 48, the new fixture is the most compact and powerful, full-color LED panel light on the market today.

With a range of 10,000°K to 2500°K color temperature, Area 48 Color delivers 13,000 Lumen output (compared to a 1500W tungsten soft), and draws just 160W. It operates flicker-free and silent (fan-free design), and is totally free of color shift while dimming from 100% to zero. It projects accurate, soft output with 105-degree dispersion.

BB&S has incorporated 20-years of LED expertise into the Area 48 Color. To produce full color with extreme accuracy, it incorporates R/G/B plus cool white and warm white LEDs (2700°K and 5600°K) that are selectively binned to ensure top quality. This allows outstanding saturated and tinted color rendition, as well as white light range from 2500°K to 10,000°K.

To achieve superior rendition, especially for the age-old challenge of achieving natural looking skin tones, the BB&S team developed a method of refining the color mix. Their breakthrough ensures that the essential wavelengths for generating a natural look are present and consistent over the white spectrum. An on-fixture touchscreen for is provided for control, including plus/minus green and plus/minus magenta settings. Users can also operate via DMX/RDM.

This lighting tool offers color accuracy of 97.5 CRI or 96-98 TLCI throughout the white range. Without flicker at any frame rate or color shift, it delivers smooth 8/16-bit DMX/RDM dimming all the way to zero.

Area 48 Color measures 13.97”/35.48 cm wide, 10.82”/27.48 cm high, by 4.53”/11.50 cm deep and weighs 10-lbs/4.6kg, including its on-board power supply. It is easy to transport and wellsuited for stands or lighting grids with the PSU mounted on the yoke. The unit ships with removable barn doors complete with safety cable, a yoke-mounted 48V power supply and TVMP for and MSRP of $3295. Optional soft boxes and lighting grids are available.

For more information about BB&S Lighting in North and South America visit: www.bbslighting.com or in Europe, Africa and Asia visit: www.brothers-sons.dk

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