The OctoCAT series fulfills those needs with enhanced lunch-box style power distribution devices with 100A Bates feed through, eight 20A Edison duplexes, as well as a 20A Edison convenience duplex with two USB A charging ports that can also serve as an ordinary 9th circuit. The OctoCAT integrates data distribution with technology from Swisson and wireless technology from LumenRadio; both world renowned manufacturers with a stellar record in the film and TV industry.  

The following data distribution options are currently available:

• OctoCAT-N - Ethernet Node with 8 output ports of DMX/RDM
• OctoCAT-W - Dual LumenRadio CRMX Opto Splitters with 1 input, 1 through, & 4 output ports each 
• OctoCA-P - Programmable DMX/RDM Opto Splitter with 2 input and 8 output ports
• OctoCAT-R - DMX/RDM Opto Splitter with 1 input and 8 output ports

The BlackCAT 100A Lunchboxes also incorporate Swisson™, DMX, RDM, and Ethernet distribution, as well as LumenRadio’s CMRX™ wireless technology, into DADCO’s power distribution products to offer one compact integrated unit.

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