I am an Animator with practical expertise in all aspects of technical, commercial,Visual and graphic arts .Born and raised by my grandparents in Jamaica nyc they have always encouraged me to stand out and speak for myself no one can speak for me and art gave me a voice so i want others to use this form of expression to reflect on the past present and the future . Im A Cultured artist talented in clothing design ,acrylic painting , spray paint and Custom one of a kind creations . since 2017 ive painted 6 MURALS and have a waiting list because the local businesses all support my movement but im also one person . currently single handed custom designed multiple business murals throughout Jamaica Queens since 2017.
Im A history expert and Outgoing entrepreneur with deep understanding of the business side of art. Self thought Im An Energetic Eccentric spirit ,skilled at focusing on tedious patterns finding solutions and meeting deadlines. Committed to producing quality set designs,
Canvases,custom Clothing and murals. I am Fearless when it comes to art Optimistic and Ambitious . I share that beautiful feeling with my community. Using paint and digital art I am willing to take creative risks and push conceptual boundaries blending visual art and digital design. My vision goes beyond reality it allows people to join in Union though one Common factor beauty . This beautiful feeling inside of me pours out into my community allow me to shed light on the DARK.


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