An interview from the 2019 Cine Gear Expo at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles with Rob Eagle of Bright Tangerine. In this interview Rob gives us a preview of their new Debris Reflector, the Prodigy.

Don’t let water, snow or dirt ruin your shot. The Prodigy Clear Lens System will keep your vision free from particles with a jet of air, blowing at 300 miles per hour, letting you capture the action, rain, hail or shine.

• No moving parts means less maintenance
• Deflects rain, snow & debris
• 100% Coverage – Zero Dead Spots
• No condensation due to heat
• Clip on or rod mount
• Compressor can be placed up to 500mm (19.5?) away
• Lightweight & Travel Friendly

If you'd like more information please visit: www.BrightTangerine.com

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