An interview from the 2019 Cine Gear Expo at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles with Jose Noriega of Fluotec. Fluotec manufactures Television Studio & Motion Picture LED and FLUO fixtures, specially designed for Broadcast, Film, Digital Cinema & Photography. Their professional high quality white light fixtures are available in BiColor tuneable and daylight or tungsten CCT color temperatures, DMX dimming without color shift, the FLUOTEC lines of studio and production lighting also includes a full range of accessories and light modifiers to achieve professional results. In this interview Jose talks with us about the CineLight 120 Quad LED Panel.

With a square form factor, the CineLight is designed for studio and location usage across a variety of traditional and digital mediums and was recently named a NAB Show Product of the Year Awards finalist.

Color temperature-wise, the light runs between 2700-6600K and offers both remote and local DMX Stepless dimming and CCT color temperature from 0 to 100%. It reportedly emits a pure white light and can be used for both soft and long throwing lighting thanks to its interchangeable diffusion panels. Additionally, the light outputs 5,522 Lumens and claims to run with very high efficiency with white light LEDs controlled by Fluotec’s exclusive software-hardware drivers.

For more information please visit: www.Fluotec.com

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