Uploaded on 7/9/2019
Type of Video


- Working in tandem with Production Manager to organize and manage content grids, oversee budgets, assist with research, and create internal presentations
- Work hands on with talent, and move them from base camp to set
- Comply with general work rules – responsible for quality of own work, housekeeping of own work area, and to work safely
- Update and utilize Target Management System to provide upper management insight into manufacturing process and quality control process performance metrics
- Work with the Producer and Production Manager to define, setup, and manage the schedule for completion of the work on the production
- Work closely with the Program Controllers, Tech Managers, Unit Managers, Crew Schedulers and Travel Coordinators to help manage the freelance crews
- Create and manage paperwork for all stages of bidding, prep, and production
- Stay on top of budget
-Book all of crew


Winter Films Production Company