An interview from the 2019 International Broadcasting Convention in Amsterdam with Darragh O'Toole of G-Technology. From storing, transferring, editing and distributing content, G-Technology makes the workflow simpler, better and faster. G-Technology's high-performance portable and desktop drives, flexible transfer/edit solutions and fast RAID systems are all built for professional content creation environments where performance and reliability are paramount.

G-Technology professional-grade storage equipment can keep up with the high-pressure workflow demands of creative professionals, whether they are in motion, on location or in the studio. G-Technology products improve the efficiency of digital workflows and protect their high-value media with a wide range of storage solutions that enable creators to push the boundaries of what's possible. For unforgiving, on-the-go environments, G-Technology is showcasing its rugged family portfolio, which includes: ArmorATD™, G-SPEED™ Shuttle SSD with Thunderbolt™ 3, G-DRIVE™ Mobile Pro SSD with Thunderbolt 3, G-DRIVE Mobile SSD, G-SPEED Shuttle with Thunderbolt 3 and its G-SPEED Shuttle XL with Thunderbolt 3, purpose-built for durability and ultimate reliability. G-Technology's portfolio offers a range of external SSDs and HDDs, including an extremely fast portable NVMe SSD (G-DRIVE Mobile Pro SSD) and ultra-rugged, fast SSD (G-DRIVE Mobile SSD).

Also, at IBC, the company unveiled an increased capacity with its 5TB G-Technology ArmorATD™ drive, and also spotlighting its popular NVMe offerings, including the 2TB* G-DRIVE Mobile Pro SSD and the 32TB G-SPEED Shuttle SSD with Thunderbolt 3.

For more information please visit: www.G-Technology.com