An interview from the 2019 International Broadcasting Convention in Amsterdam with Benson Perry of Vimeo.

Whether you’re a freelancer looking to impress prospective clients, an artist or an educator attempting to establish an online presence, or a marketer promoting your products or brand. Showcase provides a toolkit to create custom viewing experiences for your audience, wherever they may be. Here’s what that looks like:

• Create a portfolio or video site. Use their custom layouts to artfully (and responsively) display your videos and share them publicly, or privately (with optional password protection). You can use a custom domain with a unique Vimeo URL, or a domain that you already own. Perfect for creating a portfolio of your work without paying for a separate website builder.

• Embeddable playlists. Embed a collection of videos on your existing site with a simple embed code (with customization and optional password protection) to take full advantage of your site’s built-in traffic and branding — whether your business uses video to support customers, or employees.

• TV apps (available to Pro and up). The video landscape has changed significantly over the years. In 2017, ownership of streaming-enabled TV devices increased to 56% of adult Americans (IAB), and is still growing. Demand for these devices creates the expectation that your content gets distributed on TV platforms, but that can come at a steep cost. Showcase lets you create your own channel on Roku and Amazon Fire (with 27 millionand 30 million active users, respectively) without typing a line of code or hiring a developer.

If you’ve used Vimeo's portfolios or albums features, you may be wondering how Showcase is different. Showcases replace albums (keeping all the features that you love while adding new ones, and completely updating the design), and absorbs some of your favorite features from portfolios. Soon, showcases will include most of portfolio’s features.

Vimeo Pro, Business, and Premium members have the ability to access video review pages, making it easy to gather feedback and securely share rough cuts. These pages are semi-private, unlisted, and mobile-compatible, so you can easily share them with reviewers — even if they don’t have Vimeo accounts. Your reviewers can also add time-coded notes, right in the video, to streamline your video review process.

If you are a Basic or Plus member, you can see a demo version of the video review page but you'll need to upgrade to Pro, Business, or Premium to access the full functionality of review pages for your videos. Review pages can be shared in two different settings: review and presentation. The review setting allows for collaboration — anyone that you’ve shared the page with can leave and respond to time-coded notes. The presentation mode allows you to share a view-only version of your video with no comments or distractions.

For more information please visit: www.Vimeo.com

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