An interview from the 2019 International Broadcasting Convention in Amsterdam with Nick Warburton of Symply. Symply, a Global Distribution brand, is an innovative developer of high-speed digital storage solutions, designed for media professionals. As a privately-held company, with locations in the United States, Culver City and New York, in the UK Cambridge, In Germany, Munich and in Sweden, Stockholm. Their philosophy is simple – build real products that people need to make media production and delivery true to art and not just your job.

At IBC 2019 Symply, a Global Distribution brand announced the next generation of StorNext®6 powered ULTRA II storage solutions for high-speed collaboration over Fibre Channel and Ethernet IP for Mac, Windows, or Linux editors, featuring 5’9’s reliability, the latest generation Intel 8 core storage processors, full redundancy, and fast 32Gb Fibre Channel and 100Gb Ethernet for seamless content sharing and ultimate content protection.

“The SymplyULTRA broke new ground when we introduced it in 2017, we built on that successful formula and turned the innovation up several notches with the introduction of SymplyULTRA II ” said Nick Warburton VP business development Global Distribution. “SymplyULTRA II stands alone in delivering Enterprise-level 5’9’s of reliability, StorNext®6 stability, software defined flexibility, and purpose-built Media-Optimized architecture. With a brand new dual-redundant 8 core Intel-based hot-swappable controller design and the latest 100Gb Ethernet and 32 Gb Fibre Channel connectivity SymplyULTRA II delivers greater throughput and configuration flexibility with the unmatched simplicity Symply is known for”.

The SymplyULTRA II series of products includes the SymplyULTRA II, a complete all-in-one production shared storage solution that allows users on both Fibre Channel and Ethernet to seamlessly share the same content at high-speed. The system is capable of delivering performance for any environment including Raw 4K and 8K workflows. When paired with SymplyULTRA II Expansion for capacity expansion, and SymplyIO for clustered scale-out performance expansion, Petabyte scale architectures up to 50GB/s performance can be achieved. The SymplyULTRA II is available in both hard disk and flash configurations to meet any price/performance need.

For more information please visit: www.GoSymply.com

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