An interview from the 2019 NAB Show in New York City with Don Mainardi of IDX Technology. IDX’s mission is to develop products that professionals can use with confidence and convenience. By offering the highest quality of product and world-class service, IDX’s customers are allowed to operate their equipment as expected and concentrate solely on capturing and creating. From IDX’s award winning battery systems to its ground-breaking wireless HD video transmission systems, you can be confident that IDX and its products will continue to meet the ever-changing demands and challenges of the industry.

The IPL-98 and IPL-150 are the newest stackable battery solutions for digital cinema cameras where infinite runtimes are required. With a 96Wh and 143Wh capacity, the IPL-98 & IPL-150 meet the passenger aircraft carry-on limit and can still provide mobile power to cine-style cameras such as the ARRI ALEXA Mini and RED Monstro all day long if needed. Both of these batteries also include two on-battery D-Taps and USB outputs to power accessories such as monitors, lights, wireless receivers, tablets, phones, etc.

The IM-220G & IM-98G are compact, high-load batteries with a capacity 220Wh and 98Wh. They come equipped with multiple 4x D-Tap outputs and a USB. The LCD screen displays accurate run time, remaining power percentage, and battery cycles. It also supports data in the viewfinder for compatible cameras such as by Sony & RED. Most importantly, these batteries willcharge on your legacy Anton Bauer charger.

The Imicro-150 & Imicro-98 are the smallest battery packs in the world at this capacity. Rated at 145Wh and 97Wh, the Imicro meets the passenger aircraft carry-on limit while remaining useful in many diverse applications. The Imicro’s size is beneficial for users with small equipment and gimbal set ups. The Imicro battieries also includes two on-battery D-Tap outputs. Future accessories will make the Imicro Series your new go-to setup.

For more information please visit: www.IDXtek.com