An interview from the 2019 NAB Show in New York City with Tom Fletcher of Fujifilm/Fujinon. The Optical Devices Division of Fujifilm provides optical lenses for the broadcast, cinematography, closed circuit television, videography and industrial markets, and markets binoculars. In this interview Tom talks with us about their new Large Format Cine Lenses, the Premistas.

Fujifilm introduced the zoom cinema lenses “Premista” Series, which support large-format sensors and deliver outstanding high resolution, beautiful bokeh and rich gradation with HDR (high dynamic range). The Premista Series can bring out the maximum capability of large format sensors, which are increasingly being adopted into cinema camera, to provide robust support for high-quality video production.

At the sites of high-quality video production such as Hollywood, there is an increasing demand for filming equipment capable of delivering beautiful bokeh and rich gradation with HDR. Accordingly, many cinematographers have been adopting cinema cameras equipped with a large format sensor. While a variety of prime lenses compatible with the large format sensors are already available in the market, there is a growing demand for high-performance zoom lenses that can accommodate a wide range of scenes and provide excellent operability.

The new Premista Series offers a lineup of zoom cinema lenses that support a large format sensor. Featuring large-diameter aspherical lens elements and newly-developed focusing / zooming system, the lenses achieve an astonishing level of edge-to-edge resolution. The use of 13-blade iris design and shallow depth-of-field which is a characteristic of large format sensors, produces natural and beautiful bokeh to faithfully capture the subject's texture, three-dimensional definition and even a sense of atmosphere at the site. Furthermore, the Series applies Fujifilm's unique optical design to minimize ghosts and flares, thereby creating rich gradation with HDR. Mechanical design built with Fujifilm's simulation technology, nurtured over many years, is coupled with production technology that can assemble parts processed in the order of microns at high precision, to produce a compact and lightweight body with advanced robustness, withstanding harsh filming conditions in professional video production. In addition, the focus ring can be rotated as much as 280 degrees, and delivers perfect operability with a smooth torque when rotated to enable precise focusing.

In the first launch from this Series, in August 2019, Fujifilm releases the standard zoom lens Premista 28-100mm that gives the T-stop value of 2.9 across its focal length range of 28-100mm. This lens caters to filming in a variety of situations, covering the focal lengths of six most-frequently-used prime lenses. The telephoto zoom lens Premista 80-250mm with the focal length range of 80-250mm at the T-value range of 2.9-3.5 will join the lineup by the end of 2019, further broadening filming versatility by covering the useful range of 28-250mm in focal lengths.

For more information please visit: www.FujinonCineLens.com

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