"Diversity and Inclusion.
Taken together, these words can mean embracing something that is already there, allowing light into spots that are too often blind, silencing noises that muffle another’s heart or knowing the fit and feel of someone else’s shoes.
According to Dr. Juanyce Taylor, UMMC chief diversity and inclusion officer, diversity and inclusion are central to the organization and to its commitment to a successful, open and welcoming environment."

Pre-prod: storyboards, locations, time of day, lens choices, framing and lighting per subject, etc.
prod: according to pre prod, minimal crew of 4,

Technical Info

Sony FS7, Rokinon Cine DS, Edelkrone Slider Plus Pro, Intellytech light canon fresnels, Dracast light panel, Litepanel specials, Tram TR50, Sennheiser ME66, Zoom H5