Get ready for some new adventures as we explore the quirky colorful narratives of the vast North American frontier, with its many hole-in-the-wall restaurants, haunted hotels, fabled characters and sordid saloons.
With his super-relatable “guy next door” personality, food & travel expert and adventurer, Jimmy Lakey pulls back the curtain of time to bring you hearty food and beverages that still rule the wilderness. He’ll tempt your palate with unique meals that include barbecued bison brisket,

And, the stories…oh, the stories! From the legendary heroes to the infamous outlaws and all the “just plain folks” in between, Jimmy tracks down the truth and the fiction that blended over the centuries to become part of our classic frontier lore.
“Frontier Tastes and Tales” is fun, informative and beautifully shot & edited in breathtaking 4K and presented in Ultra High Definition.


Director of Photography, Sound , Lighting, Editing and sound design

Technical Info

Multicam shoot with FS7-M2