This incredible feature film is a psychological thriller set for release in 2020. Evan Kamber (Alex Suarez) is haunted. Everywhere he goes, he sees images of his recently murdered brother. In desperation, he turns to Dr. Warren Atherton (Dan Franklin), a "naturopathic psychiatrist" who has an unorthodox treatment plan that brings more questions than answers. Meanwhile, a hot-shot detective at Tustin P.D. (Manny Shih) is trying to make sense of the homicide and has some questions of his own.

Recorded on location in Orange County, CA, I was the Production Sound Mixer for the film and loved every single day on-set because of the challenges presented and successfully resolved. Horror films are never easy to record due to the sudden changes in actor's delivery and the unique locations used, but with the right gear and techniques used every day was a success.


Alex Suarez as Evan Kamber
Dan Franklin as Dr. Warren Atherton
Frank Romeo as News Anchor Doug Jackson
Mathenee Treco as Detective Mendoza
Gracie Lacey as Sarah

Technical Info

Sound Recorder: Zoom F8N
Wireless Systems: Lectrosonics SRC and UM-400a
Microphones: Sennheiser MKH-50, Sanken COS-11D

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