2020 Demo Reel of Broadcast and Corporate for Crystal Pyramid Productions of San Diego (1981 to 2020)!
San Diego's longest-standing video production company with award-winning producers, camera operators, teleprompter operators, sound technicians and more. Recent acquisitions: two Sony FS7 matching cameras and Canon Big Box Lens with hefty Sachtler tripod. Since its beginning in 1981, Crystal Pyramid has been delivering broadcast-quality video to its broadcast and corporate clients. SanDiegoVideoProduction.com 619-644-3000


Mark Schulze Producer/DP/Camera, lighting/Grip & Patty Mooney Producer, Editing, sound, teleprompter!

Technical Info

Shot with Sony FS7 II & Sony XD-cam Cinealta's. All lighting, sound and editing by Mark Schulze of Crystal Pyramid Productions of San Diego , California.