Deloitte approached us at the beginning of the 2020 season to execute an animated video for public distribution via social media channels and website. As we do every year, we reevaluated the work we had done the past year and looked to shake things up a bit. We began developing a script and storyboard that could encapsulate a blossoming industry in an artistic, modern and informative way. We were given creative license to run with even our most 'out there' ideas.

No two animations are created the same, there are always new challenges that effect a production. Instead of developing a solely 2D / 2.5D style using only illustrations, we created 70% of the visual assets in Cinema4D, using cel shaders to blend 3D elements with flat illustrations to create a seamless look. Almost every shadow was textured specifically to certain polygons, and there are zero gradients used, only flat colors. This allowed us a workflow that could easily go from 2D to 3D without the viewer noticing the transition.