An interview with Atomos Dan Chung about the latest firmware update to the Ninja V. Atomos and Panasonic have made the dream of ultra-high-resolution RAW video from a full-frame mirrorless camera a reality. The two companies have announced updates to the award-winning Ninja V HDR monitor-recorder and Panasonic LUMIX S1H that together record 5.9K Apple ProRes RAW files direct from the camera’s sensor.

The Ninja V captures highly detailed 12-bit RAW files from the S1H over HDMI at up to 5.9K/29.97p in
Full-frame, or 4K/59.94p in Super35. These unprocessed files are extremely clean, preserving the
maximum dynamic range, color accuracy and every detail from the S1H. The resulting ProRes RAW
files allow for greater creativity in post-production with perfect skin tones and easily matched colors,
ideal for both HDR and SDR (Rec.709) workflows.

More and more cinematographers are now choosing to shoot with anamorphic lenses and the Ninja V
and S1H combination caters to them with the new 3.5K Super35 Anamorphic 4:3 RAW mode. An
even bigger world of cinematic opportunities opens up as the Ninja V and S1H can now be used as
an A-camera or smaller B-camera on an anamorphic RAW production.

Each frame recorded in ProRes RAW has metadata supplied by the S1H. Apples Final Cut Pro X and
other NLEs will automatically recognise ProRes RAW files as coming from the S1H and set them up
for editing and display in either SDR or HDR projects automatically. Additional information will also
allow other software to perform extensive parameter adjustments.

Ninja V and S1H owners will gain these new RAW features free of charge. The Ninja V will be able to
update by downloading and installing AtomOS 10.5 from the Atomos website. Panasonic will release
a free firmware update on their LUMIX Global Customer Support website. Both updates will be
available on 25 May, 2020.

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