The Apollo Bridge is the ultimate ‘Swiss Army Knife’ for wireless DMX lighting control. This universal bridge connects to any Lumenradio/CRMX receiver or DMX fixture. It is the first bridge on the market to utilize the state-of-the-art TimoTwo Lumenradio module for robust wireless connectivity in even the most crowded RF environments.

While it is ready to use right of the box, the Apollo Bridge is also an enterprise grade Wi-Fi router and can be configured for complex DMX data networking. All of this is done from a simple yet power web portal. Unique frequency hopping algorithms makes this bridge perform with superior latency and reliability. The Apollo Bridge can broadcast on both 2.4 & 5 GHz bandwidths, giving the user more flexibility to avoid interference with other on set equipment such as HD video transmitters.

First time wireless customers have a simple reliable solution that gives them powerful creative control without having to be a DMX or networking expert. This is especially evident when pairing the Apollo Bridge with the Lighticians Apollo Control App. These products complete a lighting ecosystem that gets out of the way of itself and empowers lighting creatives with fast fluid control, maximizing their lighting capabilities.

Meanwhile, the Apollo Bridge can be integrated into existing data workflows, regardless of what equipment or protocols are being used. The USB-3 port will be utilized to offer future accessories, such as transmitters for additional DMX protocols and wireless bandwidths, ensuring it will be compatible with whatever the future brings.

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