The ATOM one SSM500 is a full HD digital high-speed camera system developed by Dream Chip Technologies GmbH for the Broadcast Television Industry. The camera weighs just 400g and it features a C Mount for attaching compatible lenses. The SSM500 uses a 2/3? CMOS sensor with a global shutter. The camera has the capacity to capture up to 500 frames per second in 1920x 1080 10-bit, or 300fps in 12-bit. Because of its size, the camera can be easily placed on a Polecam or over the basketball net. Users can connect the camera directly to their EVS system and control the slow motion with their standard work flow.

With a 2/3? CMOS Sensor and Full HD Resolution of 1920×1080, the camera supports shutter speeds from 1/25 – 1/10000s. The dimensions of the camera are rather small and compact, with 165mm in length and a diameter of 60mm. It weighs about 400g. This is similar to the Sony A7III (371g, body only) and equates to about 4x GoPro Hero 7 Silver units (94,4g each) or less than half the weight of a Canon 5D Mark III (860g, body only). Camera control is operable via RS485 and IP, while the camera uses a voltage range of 11V – 36V at a power consumption of 20W (1,7A @ 12V).

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