This piece came about as an act of self-therapy, a way to create when all the mainstays of my life - schedule, work, income, interaction with anyone not my wife - had all ceased to exist. In their place, the settling weight of isolation and uncertainty.

The desert, and the unceasingly novel light cast as that land we see turns itself away from the sun, have always been phenomena by which one’s worries can be loosened, broken, lifted and borne up by the wind, the mind left shining and swept clean. And, for whatever reason, I never feel as isolated from others when I’m out there, isolated from everything. My thoughts return from their wanderings and divergences, focusing solely on what I can see, the smells of camp, the cool brush of a breeze, murmurs from the nocturnal creatures, and the mix of reports my feet send back from their ongoing inspections of the rock and sand.

Wherever you are, whatever your access to that kind of connection with the natural world, I hope this 1:30 can provide a similar moment of calm.

Best viewed in a quiet, near dark setting with alerts off.


All footage by Jake Campos

Technical Info

Shot on DJI Inspire 2 drone + X5S camera/gimbal