It's hard to ignore what's been going on in our society for decades. Hearing that another black person was killed at the hands of the police, shouldn't be a "regular" thing and people shouldn't become desensitized to it.

"If only he/she didn't or wasn't..." is no excuse for a human being to lose their life. Beyond that, it's inexcusable that most offenders aren't being punished as severely as they should be or held accountable.

The battle for equality continues, and peaceful protests are still occurring. Unfortunately, our media outlets have decreased their coverage due to the lack of excitement (i.e., looting, rioting, etc.). Regardless, we must continue to educate and stand united until we see significant change.

Another upsetting trend is how some organizations and companies are now suddenly in "support" of minority-led movements. We need consistent action and assistance from these organizations that have publicly backed the cause on their social media outlets. For those who have done just that, thank you.

As a small creative company, we wanted to contribute in the best way we knew how to while making our social stance known from the start. So, we decided to put together a PSA titled "How To Make A Change" to spread awareness, inform, and call people to action.

This is a marathon, not a sprint. It's our responsibility to keep the momentum moving because if we don't, nothing will change.