It has been eight months since we started working on this project. We have been passionate about filming each and every story taking part in this movie. #Befree is a state of mind, anywhere and any time.


Production: Kaveret כוורת
Creative: Adam Rubin
Cinematographers: Adam Rubin, Edden Ram, Ariel Hadar
Camera assistant: Nir Rotman, Izzy Hack
Editing: Adam Rubin
Color Correction and Grading: Ariel Hadar
Client management: Iglo Creative House
Special thank to all friends and participants in The video
Tal Rosen
Maya Armony
Julian Melcer
Yuval Bracha
Hila Kugerman
@Ofer Yakov
Shavit Bar Or
Danna Kushnir
Alon Evron
Oriel Sheinman
Alon Evron
Robbie Binyamin
Morissi Idan