At 94, Herbert Jones still rules the roost. He presides over 688 acres of prime, rural Alabama countryside. This farm is as much a part of the Jones family as any of Herbert’s 14 kids. At the heart of this expanse is the acres of land gifted to Herbert’s ancestors by their slave master. The bell that stands in Herbert’s front yard is the same bell that was once used to call his slave ancestors in from the field. Herbert transformed the meager gift from the slave owner into an empire. He grew the farm into a substantial legacy, and now, he must face the fact that his way of life and his rural, black utopia is losing out to the urban centers of the South.


Directed by April Dobbins
Director of Photography Barrett Dennison
Camera Operators: Isaac Mead-Long
Andrea Garcia Marquez
Sam Koay
Adam Forrester

Sound Recordist:
Kawame Davis
Enzy Cruz