A Landscape gardener from Toledo Ohio, DeShawn’s Willis van broke down. Without a vehicle to transport his equipment and lacking the funds for a new van, he improvised a by strapping his lawnmower, leaf blower, and other accessories to the back of his bicycle. It was not pretty, but it got him where he needed to go— and though it took him extra time and elbow grease, he still got his client’s work done.

Not long after, DeShawn found himself to be the subject of a viral Facebook photo. Captioned “Only in Toledo,” the image showed him carrying his equipment on a bike down a major street, mocking the fact that he lacked a vehicle. But not everyone who saw the photo laughed; some found it inspiring. One of those people was New York-based videographer Dan Lior.

The film has received a Vimeo Staff picks a few days after its release.


Dan Lior - Director, DP, editor
Kfir Amir - AC
Nir Shor - Sound Mix