Gobo Plate™ is a simple and versatile mounting adapter that adds compatibility to your gear. From camera equipment to building materials like lumber, Gobo Plate™ offers a wide array of mounting options. Designed to interface with any 2.5” grip head, Gobo Plate™ has thoughtfully spaced holes for bolting on pins, ball heads and other camera accessories, as well as holes that allow the plate to be screwed or nailed to lumber, apple boxes, overhead beams, set walls and more. Gobo Plate™ mounts to stand risers and cart legs— ready to add efficiency and versatility to your gear.

Infinity Arm is a versatile cine arm used to mount cameras, lights, monitors and anything else you require. The Infinity Arm is a fully articulated arm equipped with 360degrees rotate-able and interchangeable, ball-in-socket, quick release tips for adding and removing accessories quickly and efficiently. The Infinity Arm is the strongest articulating cine arm on the market, with a weight capacity of 15-32lbs depending on the configuration.

The Infinity Arm is manufactured in two identical sections. Both sections are equipped with removable ball-in-socket assemblies at their outer end, and joined at their common center point by a radial rosette, designed to assemble and lock the two independent arms simultaneously into their desired positions for optimal functionality and accessory placement.

The Matthshield Floppy from Matthews Studio Equipment, Inc. is fast and simple protection for your crew, actors, and equipment. Offering an easily maneuverable partition made with clear marine vinyl that functions as a UV protectant, Matthshield Floppy mounts onto any stand or grip gear on set, shielding cameras and crew from splattering special effects and providing a safety barrier for actors to aid in preventing COVID transmission.

Here’s a great solution for one of today’s on-set and real world issues. The new Sheet Plate Adapter kit makes it easy to quickly build custom dividers to protect against virus transmission, plus it comes in handy when you least expect it, to save the day with a convenient holding solution for standard grip equipment.

MSE’s new Sheet Plate Adapter Kit is a versatile bracket mounting solution that securely adds a welded 3/8” pin to any sheet material such as plexiglass, plywood, lauan, Masonite or a variety of fabrics like vinyl plastic creating safe on set barriers that can be sanitized. Two 3” steel plates sandwich the material via four bolts, providing an extremely solid connection. Small but mighty, the Sheet Plate Adapter Kit is a real problem solver for camera protection, custom light modification, and set building. Kit includes one plate with 3/8" pin, one backing plate, 4 bolts, and 4 nylon locking nuts.

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