Video content is currency for everyone now - from pros to influencers, SMBs and creative marketers - where the best-looking videos and posts have the greatest impact. But outside of the pros, it’s hard to get the skillset to make professional-quality videos. Storyblocks launched a new platform to help with that problem so anyone can make pro-level content and videos happen in minutes.

“Maker” makes it super easy and fast for anyone to create a polished video and bring content on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube etc, to the next level in a few minutes.

Maker taps into Storyblocks’ stock media library of nearly 1 million videos, images and audio clips, and has a simple user experience to make content faster. It’s accessible enough for anyone to use, but Maker is especially great for social media influencers who have to generate tons of content every single day, and pros/marketers who are tight on time and creative budgets.

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