The Sigma FP is the world’s smallest Full Frame camera with interchangeable lens options. It features the ability to switch between stills and Cine mode with the flick of a switch, allowing you to record MOV and CinemaDNG RAW formats.

The FP also has a dedicated “Directors Viewfinder” mode, which allows you to select the camera, resolution and aspect ratio of your shoot, to give you a true representation of the field of view you are shooting. Choose between various ARRI, RED and Sony formats.

The SIGMA fp has a director's viewfinder function that allows the user to simulate different angles of view and how an image looks, on cinema cameras. It supports cameras by major manufacturers commonly used in filmmaking. It supports not only the latest large format cameras such as ARRI ALEXA LF and RED MONSTRO 8K but also filmcameras and anamorphic lenses as well.

Aside from professional cinema cameras, the SIGMA fp is the first interchangeable-lens mirrorless type digital camera that supports external recording in 12-bit CinemaDNG format. With up to 4K UHD/24fps recording, it produces video data that can be used even in filmmaking. It also supports All-I (All-Intra) recording, which makes it possible to maintain high image quality while reducing file size, allowing light data available for recording and editing. The record format that best suits the purpose of the video can be selected.

For more information please visit: www.SigmaPhoto.com

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