TRIGYN chEZball Modular Top Handle Extension Ball with 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 Mounts and ARRI Accessory Mounting Interface

Optimized compatibility with any ARRI accessory mounting interface
Extends top handle and provides more grip for Run & Gun, Handheld use
ARRI accessory mounts for anti-twist with 1/4-20 step down inserts
Strong enough to provide extra grip for the whole camera rig
Provides multiple mounting angles and points without having to waste any top handle space
Stackable design that allows you to make a customizable length handle out of it.

TRIGYN Gold Mount 14.4-26VDC Sequencial Draw/ Hot Swap Sharkfin
Few wide voltage range Sharkfin in the market that also has hot swap capability, indicators in the back will tell operators which battery is currently being drawn and can swap out depleted batteries with fully charged ones without having to power down the device.

Widely compatible with most batteries and devices out there with existing Anton Bauer gold mount mounting plate. This Sharkfin outputs the same voltage as the individual battery and does not run parallel or series to boost up voltage. But circuits and boards are designed to handle 14.4V – 26VDC for the power hungry cameras such as the ARRI LF or LED fixtures.

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