IQ-Sports Producer (IQ-SP) is a leading AI system that automates a televised professional sports production but without the need of a camera team or director. Ideal for sports games that don’t have the capital and production resource of the major leagues, it is ideal for tier 2 leagues, sports rights holders, colleges and schools as well niche sports events. It can be utilized by major clubs for training sessions, U21, U18 and other grass roots games where budget constraints prevents a full on-site production and outside broadcast team.

At the heart of the system is the IQ Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine that can follow the action either outside on the pitch, or indoors on the court. IQ-SP can be used remotely to live stream and record games and includes many features that you would expect for a compelling viewing in a professional match including score board, time,
highlight detection and replays. At the end of the game, IQ-SP has the ability to automatically create an edit of the highlights as a summary of the match. From live streaming on social media to live playout at a traditional broadcaster,
IQ-SP can be acquired with an array of options for a variety of budgets. From high
schools to major production companies and national broadcasters, IQ-SP can reliably create multiple live streams with compelling content that can be used by online platforms with IP workflows, or for high quality productions by traditional national broadcasters needing HD-SDI workflows.

Sports supported
Mix of indoor and outdoor including soccer, football, rugby, basketball, handball, ice hockey, futsal, netball, hockey. More sports are currently in training.

LinkMatrix Management
Cloud based portal for complete remote management. Includes clipper for social media postings, scheduler, overlay control, destination selection, social media decoding and streaming.