This opening is comprised of all my works, a quasi-film reel in which every shot you see was filmed by me, either as camera person or director, between the years 1994-2021-- all in 90 seconds flat. The music is a remix of the overture from my latest film, Ideologies & The Promise. (ideologies.eventive.org)

My latest film, Ideologies & The Promise, is being previewed using the Eventive platform while we await a proper world premiere on the festival circuit. After scheduling four monthly screenings this winter, I decided to challenge myself and programmed a live chat with a psychologist and myself, or another of the members of my creative team, following each of the screenings. They are meant to dissect some of the important themes addressed the film and have garnered a great response.


All clips and editing by Alexandro Pacheco
The Gilman Foundation logo is used with permission.