I chose to use Blizzard cinematics to showcase my ability for linear sound design. I cut the video myself using clips I thought would allow me to tell a story with sound, and characters I could assign a sonic identity to.

This version includes music (not made by me). I thought it created a nice flow, and added extra emotion to the design. Since many cinematic sequences are a "conversation" between music and sound design, I wanted to display my ability to design sound cooperatively with a soundtrack. I have a version of this same reel with no music available as well - please watch that version if you only with to hear my sound design! See below.

LINK: vimeo.com/466071309

Please enjoy and thank you for listening!


All video materials are used for demonstration purposes only. I do not own the rights to any of the following videos used:

- Diablo 4 - Official Announcement Cinematic Trailer - Blizzcon 2019
- Diablo 3 - Imperius vs Diablo Cinematic
- World of Warcraft - Battle for Azeroth Cinematic Trailer
- World of Warcraft - Shadowlands Cinematic Trailer

Music by: LORN - LOCK BITES KEY (VESSEL, 2015)

Technical Info

All sound effects and ambiances were designed and edited by myself from my own personal sound library and other acquired sound packs.