Rocketeer Productions provides unique and powerful solutions to the biggest challenge of virtual events today... keeping your audience engaged. Now you can bring back the Excitement, the Energy, the Synergy of real live events (without the price tag).

Your presenters are streamed into a live 3D virtual environment,

complete with screens,
the capability to stream multiple presenters from anywhere in the world,
and the ability to interact live with online attendees.
The process is simpleโ€ฆ Presenters go to our studio or the studio is brought to the presentersโ€™ location(s). Our Virtual Reality Interface does the rest.

In the case of multiple presenters being streamed in from various parts of the country into one virtual 3D set, we can either have local crews handle the streaming or we can send a portable green screen kit to the various locations and train them. Itโ€™s quite simple with no technical expertise required.

This solution is perfect for all kinds of events including:

Corporate Town Hall Meetings
Full Conferences with Keynotes, Breakaway Sessions, Exhibiter Booths,
Product Launches,
Employee or Customer Training Sessions,
RoundTable Panel Discussions,
Holiday Parties,
Investor Meetings,
We can easily integrate with most event platforms. If you do not have an event platform, we have several options and will set you up accordingly.