Uploaded on 11/23/2010
Type of Video
Demo Reel / Show Reel
Demonstrated Skill
Director / Producer / Writer


This video is of me directing the 11 o'clock news which I did weekly for ABC/KEYT Channel 3 (prior to that, I was their morning show news director). The contents include the A-Block and the Weather segment. As the video plays, my direction over the PL system is also heard to show my verbal direction skills while demonstrating my visual directing as well.


During this taping, other people involved are the 2 news anchors (seen in the video), my producer who blocks/times the show prior to us going live, an intern controlling the teleprompter and the master control operator who loads tapes according to the layout I develop prior to going live.

Technical Info

All camera, sound and lighting is done on the fly by me using ParkerVision. I have to code the show prior to it airing making it possible to do multiple things at once during a live newscast. Manually, the story tapes are loaded by a Master Control Operator into 4 beta tape decks which are controlled by ParkerVision as well. The teleprompter is also loaded according to the TME's I input. Thus, the news director must code a show correctly in order to prevent on-air errors. When stories have to be pulled or tapes are not loaded on time, it is my job to rework my coding on the fly, otherwise the code will conflict with each other and cause on-air mistakes.