This is a story about Shanice a lonely drunk in her mid-twenties going through her break up, flirts with a petty thief, who comes to rob her house on a Christmas night.

On Christmas night SHANICE in her early twenties is drunk calls her ‘x’ boyfriend, blackmailing him to come home as she has consumed all her medicated pills with scotch. She thinks that he would come to save her from death and unlocks her door, switches of her lights, and slides on the floor. LEON CARTER in his early twenties, wearing a mask looks at the open door and the untouched mail outside expects to rob the house, walks inside stepping on a toy, making sound waking up Shanice who is surprised to see a burglar robbing her house and tries to warn him by calling cops, Leon pulls out a gun and threatens to kill her, but depressed over her break up Shanice asks Leon to end her life, but he has no intention of killing her. She tries to beg him to shoot her but Leon draws the gun and puts in it behind his jeans and starts searching the house to steal things, Shanice tries to persuade him and ends up snatching the gun out of Leon and pulls the trigger on herself, but nothing happens because it’s a fake one. At the moment Shanice realizes the value of life and Leon tells her that she is happy to live. Shanice understands the importance and asks Leon for a date night.

Genre: Drama
Position: Producer
Release Date: 2021