I have worked in commercial arts and entertainment as a fulltime storyboard artist, creating storyboards and previsualization for feature films and commercials as well as games.

In 2006 i began teaching a pilot program at USC, received my BFS in Multimedia Animation from The Art Institute of Los Angeles CA, and in 2006, won a scholarship to the prestigious Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, where I was formally trained by Marc Stricland. My mentors are Bill Recinos from 'Ghostbusters' & Douglas Kirk 'DreamWorks”. With over twenty years in the film industry working with Hollywood Directors as a storyboard, concept artist. Strong visual storytelling with impeccable storyboards so that I can illustrate the pre-visuals.

In Los Angeles I have had the honor to work with some of best entertainment companies, such as Twitch Prime (Amazon), Nickelodeon, ATT, NBC, Sprint, Toyota, Iggy Pop, and the music artist Mietal Dohan ‘Give us Love”. Film Directors I have worked with in the past, from the movie Sharknado Anthony Ferrante for Hello Hero, The Inhabitant, with director Jerren Lauder and just recently a feature film with director Robert Restro for Z Dead End as the senior storyboard artist starring Tom Sizemore and Robert LaSardo.

Known among many industry directors for delivering visuals so fast with unexpectedly high detailed storyboards.

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