This clip covers the conversation between Liam, his mother and a police officer. His friend Aaron makes a startling discovery at the same time.


A Film by - Nick Burns
Produced by - Nick Burns & Chloe B McAlpin
Cera Op - Chris Mullen
Production Recordist - Will Jones (Kinsmen Sound)
Music by - Cal Kehoe & Nick Burns
Sound Designer - Brandon Keogan (Kinsmen Sound Studio)
Mixers - Will Jones and Brandon Keogan (Kinsmen Sound Studio)

Technical Info

In this you will hear edited production audio, and use of different audio programs to make the voices sound like they are actually coming from different rooms within the house. Suburban ambience is also placed in to smooth out the dialog and provide a sense of immersion. Sound design is used to show the gravity of the discovery that Aaron has made on Liam's phone. Lastly, a stark contrast is made with an almost silent ambience in the following scene with the two boys in the bedroom to accent the awkwardness between the two.