A detailed account of a high school playoff game between the Monarch Coyotes and Cherry Creek Bruins. The Bruins were the #1 ranked team and undefeated at this point in the playoffs. This video documents behind the scenes footage and reactions before, during and after the game is over. Portrayed in an episodic structure in a documentary style.


Thomas DeSando - Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Producer
Brian Lam - Cinematographer

Technical Info

Cameras: Z-Cam E2 S6 - 24p - 2.4:1, 35mm Rokinon lens, Z-Log on a DJI RS2 gimbal
Panasonic GH5 - 24P, 35mm lens, V-Log on a DJI Ronin S gimbal
Panasonic UX 90 - 59.97p, fixed lens, no log.