This is my introduction video to potential clients looking for an actor / voice actor for their project.


PS4 Genesis (MOBA) - (Apollo, Hades, Jones, Minotaurus, Poseidon - voice), Reboant: Endless Dawn (Sarge - voice and motion capture; Narrator - voice), "Boonie Bears: A Mystical Winter" (Briar, Arnold, Chester, Vick's dad, HooHoo, Babu - voice), "Boonie Bears Season V: Spring into Action" (Briar, Babu - voice) "Boonie Bears Robo Rumble" (Briar, Babu, HooHoo, Vick's dad - voice), "Boonie Bears to the Rescue" (Briar, Arnold, Babu, Ted Marshall Jr., Ted Marshall Sr., News Radio Jockey, Soldier - voice), "Boonie Bears Season IV: Forest Frenzy" (Briar, Babu, HooHoo, Fabian - voice), "Boonie Bears: Homeward Journey" (Briar, HooHoo, Babu, Vick's dad, Boss Lee, Girl's father - voice), "Tales from the Salted-Egg Temple" (Creego, Cooper, Silver, Chief Ya-Ya, Kodiak, Tavish Long, Talon, Guilio - voice), "Boonie Bears Season III: Boonie Bears or Bust" (Briar, Babu, HooHoo, Fabian, Shaolin - voice), "Pondemonium" Seasons I and II (McBroom, Sgt. Rusty - voice), "Tigerclaw" (Tigerclaw - voice), "Brainy Bubbly Bug Buddies" (McBroom, Sgt. Rusty - voice), "Boonie Bears Season II" (Briar, Babu, HooHoo - voice), "12 Zodiac Way" (Rascal, Epsilon - voice), "Boonie Bears Season I" (Briar - voice), "Chicken Stew" (extras - voice).