“Directed by Matthew ZanFagna, the video opens with Mitchell laying on the grass swaddled in an American flag. Later, hilarious animation shows Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell eating President Trump.” -ROLLING STONE (Angie Martoccio)

"Below, watch Matthew ZanFagna’s funny (and disgusting) video for the title track, which finds Mitchell envisioning a vulgar strain of “golden vomit” as it courses through the rotten guts of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. As you’d expect from a Mitchell joint, it’s rich in humor, drama, and swagger.” -AV CLUB (Randal Colburn)


director: Matthew ZanFagna | editor: Michael Zumbrun | assistant director: Gnosis | D.P.: Roy Racks | P.A.: Heather Bildman | editorial consultant: Brian A. Kates | drone photography: Sutton Hannigan aka Queen With A Drone and Jesse Carter | special thanks: Anne Melvin, Michael Piatkowski, Nigel Semaj Barnes, James Coppola, Sophia, Miguel Villalobos

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