“WE HEAL” is an art project created by artist Nora Valdez and Donte Thomas in collaboration with the Cancer Sickle Cell Support Programs at Boston Medical Center. The artist also included patients from the Dana Farber Cancer Institute and youth from the Urbano Project.

WE HEAL encouraged patients, many of whom are immigrants, to explore and express their healing journey in artistic ways. It created a space for patients to be together, share, and learn in a nurturing atmosphere. As we were amid a pandemic, Valdez adjusted her workshops to function in digital space. Patients, youth, and the artist began their work together by exploring the topic of healing. What images, words, people, and foods bring comfort and aid healing? What inspires and brings hope? They created collages, mandalas, poems, and personal prayer flags to foster peace, compassion, strength, delight, and wonder and to spread goodwill. They also recorded individual stories of healing journeys and combined them with home and family photos, favorite landscapes, and sentimental images into the project’s video documentation.


Camera Operator

Technical Info

Shot on: SONY FS7
Lenses: Canon ef 70-200mm/Canon fd 28mm 2.8 & 50mm 1.4/Sigma 24-105mm/Tamron 35-105mm
Edited: Davinci Resolve 17
Location: Greater Boston Area/North Massachusetts