The Cinema DFM is an incredibly small, behind-the-lens filter system that is designed to deliver incredible color neutrality and speed.

With DSMC2®, DSMC1®, KOMODO® and RAPTOR® compatibility, the same filters are interchangeable between different cameras. The core elements such as the front and rear flanges are machined from titanium, and the main body is machined from aluminum. The result is an ultralight, ultra-compact filter system, Made in USA. With 0.8 MOD for Rota-Pola's and VND, it opens the filter system to a wide variety of remote control options.

The Cinema DFM features a PL lens mount so you can use high quality cinema glass including wide angle, primes, standard zooms, telephotos and more. And with a flange depth range of 22.5 to 25.5, it’s compatible with a large variety of lenses, including many super speeds.

For more information please visit: www.CinemaDFM.com

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