Introducing the all new purpose built midrange workhorse, the Tokina 25 - 75mm T2.9 Designed from the ground up for cinema cameras, this midrange zoom features sharp resolution while maintaining beautiful flares and nearly zero focus breathing. Truly an all around utility lens.

The 25-75mm has a lack of focus breathing and controlled distortion normally reserved for lenses many times the price of this powerhouse zoom. Imagine complete control of focus and zoom racks with minimal distortion to replicate what your creative vision in camera. This lens has a generous 36mm image circle covering all current Super35+ digital formats as well as 4K DCI on all full frame digital cameras.

The 25-75mm is designed to match the mechanical and optical properties of the popular Tokina Cinema 50-135mm T2.9 MKII and 11- 20mm T2.9 zoom lenses. The 25-75mm retains optical design features similar to the 11-20mm T2.9 and 50-135mm T2.9 MKII including parfocal design to retain focus while zooming, limited focus breathing, and low distortion.

The addition of the 25-75mm completes a 3-lens set of cinema zooms covering 11mm super wide angle to 135mm telephoto at a price of less than $12,000 USD for all three lenses. Suggested retail price for the 25-75mm T2.9 is $4999 USD and will ship in July 2021. All lenses in the series feature an interchangeable mount between PL, EF, Sony E, MFT, and Nikon F mounts.

For more information please visit: www.TokinaCinemaUSA.com

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