Featuring a lightweight build and a multi-functional, modular design, the Mirage offers a standard 95mm clamp on backing that can be mounted directly onto classic cinema lenses or adapted to DSLR and mirrorless lenses. The cartridge-filter design replaces the conventional screw-on filter system and can be installed quickly with a single press.

The Mirage features a newly designed Variable ND module (optional) that accommodates multiple configurations, the lightest being 4.6 ounces. Using new PL + CPL technology, the VND module can produce accurate colors even at its maximum density.

The Variable ND can be adjusted gradually, allowing the user to maintain consistent exposure when lighting conditions change unexpectedly. The module has built-in hard stops between ND 0.3-ND 2.7, and it can be wirelessly controlled by a micro motor; the standard wireless range is 330' and can be extended by a wireless-signal amplifier for aerial photography (optional).

The VND’s motor can be controlled with the new Wireless Controller (included in the VND + Motor Kit) as well as Tilta’s Nucleus Series Wireless Follow Focus Systems.

The matte-box body offers an aerodynamic design with integrated vents that can reduce wind resistance and ensure stability when shooting subjects at high speeds, and the optional protective front element can provide further security for filters.

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