The first professional key-light solution that let‘s you increase the natural quality of your light without needing to place your fixture far away from your talent. The LIGHTBRIDGE C-Reflector becomes your light source - giving you a natural fall-off, a faster workflow and an entirely new range of options to paint with light.

Austrian cinematographer Christian Berger AAC, invented the Cine Reflect Lighting System (CRLS), and together with his gaffer Jakob Ballinger, founder of the Lightbridge, they have created a new style of painting with light and shadow that gives you control over diffused light without the need for flags or frames.
The LIGHTBRIDGE Cine Reflect Lighting System (CRLS) is unique in its ability to produce a natural look by maximizing the natural flow of light. It does this by making the best use of the inverse square law - creating less light fall-off.

The LIGHTBRIDGE C-Reflector is the heart of the system. It comes in four different levels of diffusion, ranging between a real mirror and the classic muslin bounce. The specially engineered C-Reflectors utilize a precision aluminum-coated, smoothly polished, wrinkle free surface that reflects 97% of the light without any color shift.
The C-Reflectors are free of spill light, reducing the need for flags and frames. With their unique feathering the C-Reflectors beautifully blend into every available light situation. They come in 4 diffusion grades and in 5 sizes: 7cmx7cm (2,7inch), 15cmx15cm (6inch), 25cmx25cm (9,8 inch), 50cmx50cm (19,7 inch), and 100cmx100cm (39,4 inch). A variety of kits and intuitive mounting solutions ensure a fast workflow.

For more information please visit: www.thelightbridge.com

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